Qualified personnel - the main resource of any enterprise or organization

Constant search for innovations that allow correct assessment of work efficiency and personnel management is the key to successful business development. In Soviet times, there was no such concept as "personnel policy" or "personnel management service", as human resources departments were engaged only in documentary support of the activities of employees in the enterprise.
1. Personnel development and business career management. The training program is based on determining the discrepancy between the qualification requirements and the actual competencies of employees, which allows individualizing the learning process and get the most effective result at minimal cost.

2. Building a motivation system. The traditional motivational factor was, is and will be the amount of the employee's salary, determined by the internal and external value of the workplace. In addition, the system of bonuses is widespread, involving a variable part of salary, which depends on the monthly contribution of each employee to the work of the Department, division and the enterprise as a whole.

3. Formation of corporate culture. Awareness of the basic values and mission of the company by each employee has a positive impact on the results of work, and the process of transferring such values is a corporate culture.

4. Development of a competency model. This innovation is designed to regulate the multifunctional nature of a number of jobs and to correctly build the technological chain, which helps to prevent the emergence of conflicts and focuses on the quality and efficiency of labor.

5. Computer technologies in management. Software products allow not only to keep personnel records on all possible parameters, but also to form the necessary accounting documents, which can be easily transported in electronic form.