Public Relations

Create a background of events and thereby construct the meaning of what happened.

Public relations-technologies of creation and introduction in socio-economic and political systems of competition the image of the object (ideas, goods, services, personals, organizations — firms, brands) in the value range of the social group, in order to consolidate this image as an ideal and necessary in life. In a broad sense — the management of public opinion, building relationships between society and state bodies or commercial structures, including for the objective understanding of social, political or economic processes.

We advise taking into account the behavioral characteristics of a person, identify possible trends and predictions of the consequences for a particular enterprise, individual and society as a whole, the study of public opinion, its relations and expectations in order to develop recommendations. Establishment and maintenance of bilateral communication, prevention of conflicts and elimination of misunderstanding, settlement of problems and crises, harmonization of personal and public interests, improvement of industrial relations, creation of favorable atmosphere in collective, change of stereotypes.