Analysis for quality and results.

Audit-an independent audit carried out by an auditing organization and having the result of the expression of the opinion of the auditing organization on the degree of reliability of the financial statements of an economic entity.

Audit-business activity of auditors (auditor's organizations) on implementation of independent audits of accounting records, payment and settlement documentation, tax returns and other financial obligations and requirements of economic entities for the purpose of establishment of reliability of their accounting records and compliance of the financial and economic transactions made by them to regulations,

Audit involves the analysis of financial and accounting records of the company, preparation and maintenance of accounting and: time to detect problems in accounting and taxes, to reduce the tax and legal risks, confirm or deny financial and legal facts, to find a way to fix the error, аvoid additional taxes and penalties. Actions of the auditor upon detection of violations of requirements of normative acts. Improving the efficiency of the capital market. Assessment and prediction of the effects of various economic decisions. To study the essence of the audit and its methodology.